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Holistic Cancer Coaching

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How important is your health?

Are you ignoring symptoms? Do you suffer from digestive issues, reoccurring skin issues, mental health issues, brain fog, fatigue?

All too often our life situation appears to leave us with no choice but to ignore such symptoms and to carry on believing ‘this is nothing’.

I believe that everything that happens to us in life carries a message for us, let’s think here of physical symptoms but also emotions. Are we listening to the messages or are we ignoring them just to wait for the messages to get louder and louder?

Little things can and will lead to bigger issues so we should not be surprised if ‘suddenly’ the diagnosis is: diabetes type 2, heart disease, auto immune condition, cancer…and so on.

This is known as life style disease but please do not feel it is your fault if you are ill with such a disease. We eat convenience food because we are in a hurry, we are stressed from modern life, we have no time to rest, and our environment is filled with toxins

We do have a choice, it is a choice of priorities

We are so busy caring for our families and those around us but who can we be for them if we are unwell? It is not selfish to look after yourself, it is not a waste of time! It is essential for you and those around you to take your health seriously.

Start here and Now!

My own journey has led me to a diagnosis of breast cancer, which certainly was a very powerful message and; following the road to recovery and masses of research and training I now offer support to women in this same situation.

I am now a Health and Cancer Coach, with a certification that is recognised by the International Coach Federation (ICF), the Federation of Holistic Therapists and the Institute for Complimentary Therapists. I trained with the Health Coach Institute and my cancer coaching certification if with BeatCancer (science based and patient driven), The Centre for advancement in cancer education.

Have you been diagnosed with breast cancer and you have gone through treatment and now you feel lost as to how to move forwards with your health?

You CAN thrive with a diagnosis!

Working with me you will look at all aspects of your life such as nutrition and hydration, supplementation, sleep and relaxation, detoxification and energy, emotional wellbeing, movement and purposeful living (being connected to your purpose, your Golden Thread in life).

We will look at ‘life style medicine’

Make the changes today that will ensure you are the most healthy you can be!

My lively, informative and nurturing ‘live on line programme’ runs for 1 month and supports women with breast cancer to go into the future with confidence, purpose and joy. We may be told that we are in remission and that treatment has come to an end but have we actually healed? Our bodies and minds are like a garden that needs to be tended with love and care so that the weed cannot grow again. How can anything be different if we do not do anything different? My approach is focused on the person hosting the tumour and not on the tumour itself. The tumour may have been cut out and cancer cells may have been poisoned. But we need to make sure that we do not invite the cancer back in.

Throughout a whole month we work in a small group learning about optimal nutrition, supplementation, alternative therapies, emotional healing, stress management, abolishing fear, increasing energy levels, joy and fun, purposeful living, we share and care

I will support you to support yourself.

I also offer 1:1 coaching programmes via video call, at any stage of your cancer journey if you would like your individualised programme with plenty of time to talk to me

To find out what is right for you and to check out whether I am right for you, why don’t you book a

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