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From Breast Cancer to Butterfly

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The Programme

From Breast Cancer to Butterfly

1 Month, Small Group , live and on line:

Together we will Nourish, Cleanse, Flourish, Move and Love

including my favourite supplements and essential oils for £395

Following a diagnosis for breast cancer and following treatment we want to be able to feel healthy, fulfilled, joyous and energetic despite…

You may feel that you have lost your ‘normal’ and you are not completely sure how to move on, how and who to be.

You might have finished conventional treatment and feel lonely and without support.

With a diagnosis you may also feel, anger, resentment, disbelief and so many other difficult emotions that you have not had a chance to deal with.

You will have experienced a lot of stress, decision making worries, going back to work fear and you will have had to deal with the emotions of friends and family.

On top of this you might be unsure what to eat and what not to eat, should you take supplements, which ones are best ?

There will be fatigue, lack of motivation, confusion and dealing with the side effects of medication

This can lead to feeling like lead, feeling there is no reason to get up in the morning, wanting to give in to fear, fatigue, loneliness and lack of joy.

HOWEVER…….there are ways to feel healthy, vibrant and filled with life’s joys even with a diagnosis for breast cancer and even after completing exhaustive and exhausting treatment. I will show you how!

I have been there. I am myself a breast cancer survivor and thriver.

Helping women following a breast cancer diagnosis and treatment is my passion as I know from my very own experience that it is possible to get back to vibrant health and even to feel that life could not be better! If it is possible for me.….It is possible for you! Join the journey

During the 1 month ‘From Breast Cancer to Butterfly’

You will:

Learn in detail about my ‘5 Essentials’ of holistic health

How to

Nourish, Cleanse, Flourish, Move and Love


Nutrition, Hydration and Supplementation

What to eat and not to eat, finding a way through confusing and conflicting nutrition information. We will do a shared cleanse and restore programme during this month, delicious, without deprivation and without starvation!

For the whole month I will guide you through a gentle detox, cleanse and restore programme with supporting supplementation to aid the process.

We will remove the mystery from it true that it doesn't matter what we eat? What are the best and most delicious foods to prevent recurrence of breast cancer and how to prepare them. I will share many delicious recipes and recipe book ideas. What to leave out and what to add in.

We will learn about principles of supplementation and which supplements are the most useful to support a resilient and robust immune system and avoid recurrence after breast cancer. Supplements are included in the programme price


Detoxification and Energy

How important detoxification is, how to detox and how to raise energy levels massively. Here we will look at different approaches to dealing with internal and external toxins, the role they play in our health and wellbeing.

We will learn how to raise our energy levels and deal with side effects of medication to give ourselves the best chance to feel radiant and vibrant. How we go about working towards increasing energy might surprise you!


Emotional Wellbeing, Stress Management and Sleep

We will explore how to overcome negative emotions and destructive mind chatter, how to recognise and overcome stresses and strains and very important how to tackle fear!

We will learn about the importance of emotional wellbeing and healing, tips, tricks and techniques for mindset change, detoxing unhelpful emotions and going into the future with positivity as well as the techniques to help yourself in times of worry and anxiety.

We will take a look at stress management, stress comes in so may varieties of colour and shade. There is the stress of traumatic experience and there is the trickle effect of the stress of daily pressures. Both types of stress can have a detrimental effect on our health.

We will look at the importance of sleep and how to improve the quality of our sleep.

How to add joy and laughter into our lives and why this is important.

Have you heard of the term ‘The cancer prone personality’…another exploration!

Can cancer be our teacher? Cancer as a turning point?


Exercise and Movement

The importance of exercise and movement for health and wellbeing and how exercise reduces the risk of illness and avoids recurrence.

Which type of exercise is best for individual situations


Purposeful Living

How to add meaning to life and find purpose to feel fulfilled and love to get up every morning.

Have you lost your Golden Thread? Do you know what your purpose is, we will work with techniques to find your mojo!

Integrating the 5 Essentials into your life with your personalised wellbeing plan will make you feel in charge of your health, enjoying healthy and nutritious foods, feeling vibrant, energetic, full of purpose and zing for life

Please do not settle for a life of fatigue, worry, confusion, the fear of recurrence and being a victim to disease.

Show yourself that you can be in charge of your health and feel healthy and vibrant!

Included in the price of the 1 month programme:

All of my favourite supplements and essential oils you need for this 1 month to vibrant health. (worth £250)

One 1:1 Coaching call for each participant (worth £110)

4 x 1 1/2 hour content rich video group calls with a chance to ask questions. These calls are always live, I look forward to getting to know you and be present to support you in ‘real time’. The video calls will cover all the themes mentioned above in accessible detail

On going support by e mail and through the secret facebook group

Daily posts and live recordings full of information, tips and tricks

Ongoing support during and after the programme in my private facebook group for women who have taken part in the programme

Access to up to date information after the programme through the fb group

All you need is to contact me to enrol ( or start with a free discovery call) and have access to the internet and you will soon know a clear way forward for your health and wellbeing whilst learning, sharing and caring with other women in the same situation.

121 Butterfly, just you and me :

All my attention is just with you, 5 session for £ 490

For content please see the Breast Cancer to Butterfly content but with just the two of us we can deep dive into your needs and your needs only. I will be there for you between sessions to answer questions and to cheer you on.

All my coaching is via video call, for the best focus and concentration and so you can be there even if you don’t feel like leaving the house

The recorded and self guided

Breast Cancer to Butterfly Course:

Soon to come here as a compact version of the course for only £155, covering all 5 Essentials