Detoxification – Liver Love for every day

Detoxification – Liver Love for every day – and extra Love to recover from cancer

You only have one liver to do all the work of detoxing your entire busy body!

Modern Lives

We live in a world where we cannot avoid toxins and this situation will not improve in the near future. Our food is full of pesticides and herbicides, our skincare products are full of chemicals, we breathe in toxins wherever we go and stress and lack of sleep will do the rest to put stress on our liver.

At times throughout our lives we are likely to abuse our liver with alcohol and excessive living, we have no idea that we are doing ourselves harm and feel no consequence for a good while. One day we are unwell and we wonder why this is. Expression of an overworked liver may show itself as eczema for example and we may have no idea that it is our liver we need to look after.

How to help your liver

With this blog I want to help you find simple ways to take care of your liver and help it along. In the longer term the support you can give your liver is essential for your health and wellbeing.

And if you have a diagnosis for cancer, detoxing and supporting your liver is even more important.

With a cancer diagnosis your body is busy enough struggling for health. You want to support your immune system to be resilient and strong. This will not happen if you add burden to your poor overworked liver but you will go a long way towards complete and cancer free health if you remember your liver every day.

So here we go:

Nutrition, eat a diet that is plant based. I do not mean that you have to become a vegan. There is no MUST in my opinion when it comes to your diet. Food should be an experience that brings joy (I feel another blog coming up) but your plate ideally is 4/5 plant based. Eat lots and lots and lots of veggies and some fruit.

Start your cooking from fresh, not packaged as much as you can. I always plan my meals around the veg rather than the meat or else. Veg as a starting point…

As an add on especially following a cancer diagnosis, if you have a juicer, make fresh juice daily with carrots, celery and 1 apple per person.

Dandelion tea is great for liver health, the liver loves bitter…add bitter foods! Reduce alcohol, which puts extra strain on your liver.

Digestion, whilst we are on nutrition, digestion is the obvious next thought. Keeping your digestion moving (literally) is important for elimination as without elimination the toxins just keep swirling in your system. Sluggish digestion/ elimination can cause all sorts of longer term health trouble.

One bowel movement per day is a minimum. If you experience any less than this, you are officially constipated…we do not take these so called minor symptoms such as constipation seriously enough. Symptoms are our bodies communicating with us…if we do not listen, the message will need to get louder and louder …speak…ill health.

If you struggle with digestion consider a good quality probiotic and digestive enzymes. Also, chew more, slow down eating, eat more mindfully. All other recommendations above and below will also support healthy digestion.

Hydration, drink lots of water. Well, this is not news at all but if you really commit to drinking more you will see how much your health improves. To avoid all complicated calculations of how much water to drink….keep drinking…if your wee is clear and without smell you are fine and if it is very yellow and smells you are not drinking enough. I add lemon essential oil to my water for extra support with liver detox. Two drops per 500ml and always use a glass bottle or stainless steel bottle if you use essential oils in your drinking water. I carry my stainless steel bottle everywhere. When I have drunk 4 bottles per day I know I am doing good and using the bottle helps me to keep track of how much I have drunk. Drinking during meals waters down our stomach acid which is not great for digestion, it is best to drink between meals.

Choose a lemon essential oil that has a food supplement label! Most oils are not approved for ingestion.

Exercise reduces liver fat!! Enjoy movement every day, work out to glow, as sweating eliminates toxins through the skin.

You can go a long way to help your liver by avoiding toxins for example by choosing chemical free cleaning materials or make your own with essential oils!

Choose chemical free, natural skincare, shampoos etc.

Avoid medication and choose natural alternatives (such as essential oils, obviously), please do not get me wrong…of course we are lucky to have access to modern medication but choose with consideration as every medication will also need to be eliminated with the help of our liver.

Every lot of antibiotics for example takes our gut up to 12 months to recover from, the liver and gut are a team!

If we are relying on medication for conditions such as cancer we might like to do liver cleanses or include extra liver support in our daily lives but for today we stick to easy every day ‘liver love’ ideas.

And lastly…be kind to yourself, care for yourself and think about your stress levels (can you reduce any stresses?) and how much you allow yourself to sleep. Stress and lack of sleep stress our hormones and stress creates a mess, which in essence creates internal toxins.

Here we go, I am sure from this list of ideas there are just a few things that you could include easily into your daily life…give it a go and remember your wondrous liver!

sabine hope