Be the CEO of your Cancer Health

You might have found this blog because you have had a cancer diagnosis. I am really really sorry, this is such a difficult place to be. I do understand as I have been there myself and I know how terrifying and confusing this is. So many thoughts going through your head and mostly they are around the questions:

Why me, why now, what can I do and how long will I still have to live.

Cancer is not a death sentence!

At time of diagnosis most of us think that cancer is a death sentence but really it is only a word. Cancer is a word and not a sentence. Bear with me, you might think… how dare she make light of this. No, I would not dare to make light of a cancer diagnosis. But I know that you can journey to a place where you feel that cancer has been a turning point for you. A turning point for the better and may be even a gift. Once you have gone on this journey you may well have a better, richer, more fulfilled and more healthy life. This has certainly been the case for me!

It all depends on how you face this challenge. I totally understand that you just want to hide in a hole and not think about this whole horrible scenario or just give up all decisions to your medical professionals and go with whatever is suggested.

Research has shown that the person who accepts the diagnosis but rejects the prognosis has the best chance to survive and to thrive.

What does this mean?

It can mean different things for different people but it certainly means to take a close look at different aspects of your life and how you can make changes so that things will change.

‘If we do not change, nothing will change’. And I am sure that you do not wish to invite the big ‘C’ back into your life once it has been removed and dealt with or you certainly don’t want any tumour to grow and spread. So…. however you got here in the first place…take a close look at it.

Please, do not get me wrong. There is no blame here! We all do our best to live as best and as healthily as we can and often we do not know any better or life circumstances don’t allow any better.

But living with a cancer diagnosis is a moment and a chance to review and change whatever we can to be more healthy, more resilient and more happy. All illness is bringing a message to us and cancer certainly does, this is my firm believe.

You can take charge of your fear and your health!

Many many people have done so and have gone into remission or at the very least outlived their prognosis by years whilst enjoying life. This does not necessarily mean not to go with conventional medicine, it is your choice and you need to be in control. It means though that healing asks for more beyond the conventional approach, it needs a holistic approach, to not just worry about the tumour but to look at the whole person.

There is never one cause for cancer, did you know that only as many as 5% of all cancers are genetic? And even if a cancer is caused by genes it does not mean this cancer will express itself (epigenetics anyone?) …but that is a theme for another blog.

We all know that there are more and more cancer diagnoses with each year that goes by, whilst modern medicine gets more and more sophisticated. Clearly, this shows that life style must be a factor. This is good news as we can change our lifestyle!

I leave you with this for now, it is a little taste of an idea that there is soo much we can do following a cancer diagnosis to get ourselves into a better place. In future blogs I will share with you all the areas to work with for this holistic approach and also what the cancer coach can do to help you at a time that is confusing and scary.

When life gives you lemons…use them wisely as they will bring health and then… invite more fruit and veg into your life!

When life gives you lemons…use them wisely as they will bring health and then… invite more fruit and veg into your life!

sabine hope