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From Breast Cancer to Butterfly

I support women to recover from

breast cancer,

to feel full of health, passion, and joy

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The Mini Course

From Breast Cancer to Butterfly

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Together We Nourish, Cleanse, Flourish, Move and Love


Cancer Coaching

I have developed an approach of looking at ‘5 Essentials’. Five essential areas in life that build a holistic whole in healing from breast cancer. If you have had a diagnosis you will feel overwhelmed by information, choices and good will of family and friends. In the midst of this you want to do ‘the right thing’ to find back to health. It is an emotional time and not the easiest for making sounds decisions. I have been there and know al these feelings. My passion for learning and research and my passion for health have led me to develop a programme for women like us that contains everything we need to know and feel to move forwards to find our inner butterfly.

I believe that your new ‘normal’ after cancer can be the best and most vibrant ‘normal’ that you ever experienced.

I have developed a ‘live, on line’ programme for women to learn to thrive and become a beautiful butterfly following a diagnosis for breast cancer and following being discharged from medical treatment.

Furthermore, I offer individualised cancer coaching for anyone at any stage of their cancer journey, health and wellbeing is possible!

Essential Oils

Why Essential Oils?

I believe in non toxic solutions whether this is for body care, cleaning, eating…all around.

For me essential oils are the super heroes of health and wellbeing and they give the added extra in all areas and have endless uses

Plants have been used as medicine for thousands of years (because they work!)

They are natural, effective, and multi-purpose. Just The Best for non toxic and natural health

I have many more suggestions for supplements, non toxic skin care and so on. I want to make the switch to a more healthy and non toxic lifestyle easy for you and share all my favourites here.

See my packages to support your health with non toxic self care and essential oil super hero powers.

Breast Cancer to Butterfly

Explore my 5 Essentials approach and dive deeply into learning how to Nourish, Cleanse, Flourish, Move and Love…YES!

Find out about my 1 month, live course.

From Breast Cancer to Butterfly